Societe Generale Keynote Address:
The Energy Transition - Oil Price Cycles, Sustainability & Business Transformation

Ms. Jaffe has taught energy, business, and sustainability courses at Rice University, University of California, Davis, Tufts University, Yale University and New York University. She is currently a Research Professor at New York University.

ECC Association 2022 Keynote

Amy Jaffe is an energy consultant and leading expert on the geopolitics of oil, energy, security and risk. She is a research professor and Managing Director of the Climate Policy Lab at Tufts University Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Amy Jaffe is a very influential thought leader on global energy policy and sustainability, and recently ...

The cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline is a “Sputnik” moment

The hacking of the nation’s largest pipeline should be a wake up call for the U.S. energy industry.

Amy Myers Jaffe on U.S. Energy Policy

On C-Span's "Washington Journal", Amy Jaffe talked about the Biden administration’s energy policy on Russia’s oil.

The New Geopolitics of Energy

Amy Jaffe: Resources for the Future

RFF Senior Research Associate Daniel Raimi sat down with Amy Myers Jaffe of the Council on Foreign Relations to discuss the new geopolitics of energy. This video is part of a series that explores projects across a range of topics supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.