The Five Things Keeping Us
From Going all-Electric

The ‘electrification of everything’ gets talked about a lot these days. But it isn’t going to happen soon. Nor should we want it to. For one thing, it would place unnecessary limitations on other viable solutions to rising greenhouse-gas emissions. It also ignores existing technical, regulatory and strategic constraints on electrification.

The best books that have novel
geo-economic analyses why oil crises & global banking crises happen at the same time

Amy Myers Jaffe shares the 5 best books on why oil and global banking crises happen at the same time. Have you read Partial Hegemony?

Cheap Money, Geopolitics and Super Backwardation of WTI Forward Curve

Financial speculators frequently trade in the most liquid short-tenor contracts. We study repeating patterns of sharply steepening slopes in the WTI forward curve to investigate whether, after controlling for macroeconomic variables, physical market fundamentals, and basic arbitrage, calendar spread behavior is partly explained by speculation related to assessed geopolitical risk ...

Energy Security: True and False Choices

Russia’s unsheathing of the energy weapon against Europe and its military action against Ukraine has roiled energy markets and inflated prices across the spectrum of coal, oil and electricity. The question should not be which energy source provide more security. The choices, in fact, are not binary ...

Electricity Is the New Oil:  U.S. Strategy for the Post-Hydrocarbon World

In 2021, hackers launched one of the most ambitious digital assaults in recent memory. A group known as DarkSide used a ransomware attack to shut down one of the largest pipelines in the United States, a vital artery carrying gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel from U.S. Gulf Coast refineries to ten states on the East Coast. The result was widespread shortages ...

Shale Gas Will Rock The World

There's an energy revolution brewing right under our feet. We've always known the potential of shale; we just didn't have the technology to get to it at a low enough cost. Now new techniques have driven down the price tag—and set the stage for shale gas to become what will be the game-changing resource of the decade.

The Electrification of Everything: What You Need To Know

More of the energy we use will come from the electric socket. And we aren’t ready. The concept is that more of the energy we use will come from the electric socket.Instead of having fuels like natural gas or oil or gasoline flow directly into our homes, offices and cars, those fuels will increasingly be converted to electricity first ...