What Does 2024 Have in Store for Energy?

In 2024, people in countries with a combined population of 4 billion will be heading to the polls, and the results of those elections could have a big impact on global energy. Those elections are one of the topics covered by the energy gang in their look at the people, places and technologies that could be making the energy headlines this year. Host Ed Crooks is back, with regulars Amy Myers Jaffe of NYU’s Energy, Climate Justice and Sustainability Lab and Dr Melissa Lott, director of Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy.

Playing with Fire: Russia, Ukraine and the Geopolitics of Energy

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has rattled global energy markets. Disruptions to Europe’s gas supplies threaten to leave millions in the cold. The attack on nuclear facilities has underscored the risks associated with dependence on that energy source. Control over resources has long been an underlying cause of conflict. Climate One Host Greg Dalton is joined in a podcast conversation by NYU's Amy Myers Jaffe.

Europe's Energy Future Beyond Russia

The war in Ukraine has cast a spotlight on Europe's energy dependency on Russia. Nearly half of Europe’s gas, along with petroleum and coal, come from the Russian Federation. But with no resolution to the war in sight, there is concern that Moscow will reduce its gas supply in retaliation to the tough sanctions imposed by the EU. Countries like Germany, Austria and Bulgaria would face severe economic consequences.

AI in energy; evolution or revolution?
How artificial intelligence can help build a
net-zero energy system

The excitement around ChatGPT and other large language models has put AI firmly in the spotlight in recent months. Public perception is that we’re entering a new age of AI; it is a brand-new technology that promises to change our lives. In the world of energy, though, AI is not a new concept.

Riding The Solar Coaster of Clean Energy Investment

It’s a little over a year since the US Inflation Reduction Act was passed into law. Solar was one of the main beneficiaries, thanks to an extension and expansion of the tax credits available to the industry. So why has the sector fallen out of favour with investors recently?

August was a difficult month for the markets in general, but some companies have had it particularly rough.

The Energy Gang
Live from NYU’s 2040 Now Event

New York University’s 2040 Now event is an initiative focused on addressing the challenges posed by climate change, and this week the Energy Gang joined in. As part of the week of exercises, talks, exhibitions and discussions, regular Energy Gang member Amy Myers Jaffe led a workshop on building energy transition scenarios, looking for ways to deepen our understanding of the present and strengthen our predictions about the future.