Playing with Fire: Russia, Ukraine and the Geopolitics of Energy

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has rattled global energy markets. Disruptions to Europe’s gas supplies threaten to leave millions in the cold. The attack on nuclear facilities has underscored the risks associated with dependence on that energy source. Control over resources has long been an underlying cause of conflict. Climate One Host Greg Dalton is joined in a podcast conversation by NYU's Amy Myers Jaffe.

Europe's Energy Future Beyond Russia

The war in Ukraine has cast a spotlight on Europe's energy dependency on Russia. Nearly half of Europe’s gas, along with petroleum and coal, come from the Russian Federation. But with no resolution to the war in sight, there is concern that Moscow will reduce its gas supply in retaliation to the tough sanctions imposed by the EU. Countries like Germany, Austria and Bulgaria would face severe economic consequences.

Can We Call COP27 a Success?

The COP27 climate talks have been in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. It’s a popular tourist destination, but the negotiators discussing ways to limit global warming and address the harm done by climate change haven't relaxed. The talks have been pretty hard going. Energy Gang guests Melissa Lott of Columbia University, and Amy Myers-Jaffe of New York University, join host Ed Crooks.

Managing Mid-Transition

We often talk about “the energy transition”. In this podcast, we discuss what it means to be in the middle of that transition. Earlier this month, California was able to avoid blackouts as people came together to cut their electricity use. In Europe, leaders struggle to balance the urgent need for oil and gas with their goals for cutting emissions. Host Ed Crooks with guests Amy Myers Jaffe from NYU and Emily Gruber of Notre Dame, starts the discussion with California’s recent grid struggles.

Exploring the Great U.S. Climate Bill

It was the shock heard around the world this week: Senators Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer’s joint reconciliation bill, the Inflation Reduction Act. It’s passed the Senate, but the House remains. Will it pass, and what’s in it? Is the bill an indication that the energy transition is finally gaining the momentum it desperately needs, and what new technologies will benefit from it? On this Energy Gang podcast, Ed Crooks is joined by Amy Myers-Jaffe from New York University and Paula Gant from GTI Energy.