Amy Myers Jaffe

Energy consultant and leading expert on the geopolitics of oil, energy, security and risk and an influential thought leader on global energy policy and sustainability

17 September 2020


Amy Jaffe, director of the program on energy security and climate change at Council on Foreign Relations, discusses China’s carbon footprint, the U.S. pulling out of the climate change accord and her outlook for Asia.
She speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: Asia.

5 May 2021

Harnessing Innovation for
American Resilience and National Security

"In an era where the conventional concept of the term energy is almost turning out to be anachronistic, Amy Myers Jaffe’s book is all about the perils of creating path dependencies that may lock in the world in lock step with a set of infeasible alternatives and the solutions that policy makers, individuals and institutions can employ to extricate the world from such path dependencies."

15 May 2021

The Electrification of Everything:
What You Need to Know

More of the energy we use will come from the electric socket. And we aren’t ready. The concept, most simply put, is that more of the energy we use will come from the electric socket. Instead of having fuels like natural gas or oil or gasoline flow directly into our homes, offices, manufacturing facilities and cars, those fuels—and other sources of energy—will increasingly be converted to electricity first.

17 June 2021

Electricity Is the New Oil
A U.S. Strategy for the Post-Hydrocarbon World

"Last month, hackers launched one of the most ambitious digital assaults in recent memory. A group known as DarkSide used a ransomware attack to shut down one of the largest pipelines in the United States, a vital artery carrying gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel from U.S. Gulf Coast refineries to ten states on the East Coast. The result was widespread shortages.l"

- Foreign Affairs

29 November 2021


Amy Jaffe: The New Geopolitics of Energy

RFF Senior Research Associate Daniel Raimi sat down with Amy Myers Jaffe of the Council on Foreign Relations to discuss the new geopolitics of energy. This video is part of a series that explores projects across a range of topics supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

10 June 2022

Energy Security: True and False Choices

Russia’s unsheathing of the energy weapon against Europe and its military action against Ukraine has roiled energy markets and inflated prices across the spectrum of coal, oil and electricity. The question should not be which energy source provide more security. The choices, in fact, are not binary.

22 June 2022


Amy Myers Jaffe: CSIS Panel Q&A

Amy Myers Jaffe participates in live Q&A at a recent Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) panel on how the US oil and gas industry is navigating the energy transition in light of shifts in US energy security. The topic of US LNG exports is explored.

25 August 2022

Clear Eye on a Global Gas Shock

Natural gas markets are undergoing a radical reordering that will ripple for years . The changes, prompted by suspension of a percentage of Gazprom’s natural gas shipments to Europe in the wake of the Ukrainian war, highlight how global natural gas has become as a commodity and how deep the supply hole for LNG may really be.

5 October 2022

Women and Gender in Climate Diplomacy

Prominent women leaders have contributed to a fuller understanding of the linked gendered vulnerabilitiesto climate change. The adoption of gender perspectives ensures that such action not only addresses (rather than reinforces or worsens) gender inequality but also has the greatest positive impact on people and the planet.

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