AMJ Energy Consulting is a sole proprietary entity which provides geopolitical risk analysis to corporations, governments, financial institutions, law firms and not for profit organizations. AMJ Energy assists clients with risk assessment on political trends and market fundamentals analysis vital for identifying how political developments, government policies, technology breakthroughs and changing oil and gas market conditions may influence price risk and investment exposure as well as public policy outcomes.

Founded in 1996, AMJ Energy monitors political, social, cultural, economic, technological and religious trends that are affecting energy markets and investment trends in the Middle East, Asia, former Soviet Union, and in the Americas to provide advice and in-depth reports to assist clients with strategic planning and risk assessment. Our quantitative and qualitative assessments are tailored to individual client needs and include:

  • Independent research and consulting reports
  • Country Risk Assessment
  • Scenario analysis and strategic advice
  • Global geopolitical and security analysis

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