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Amy Myers Jaffe is an energy consultant and leading expert on the geopolitics of oil, energy, security and risk, and an influential thought leader on global energy policy and sustainability. She is currently serving as Director of the Energy, Climate Justice, and Sustainability Lab and a research professor at New York University’s School of Professional Studies.

Jaffe is a regular contributor to the popular podcast “The Energy Gang” and a frequent media commentator in television and print media, including the New York Times, Financial Times of London, and the Wall Street Journal. A prolific author, Jaffe holds a career prize in energy economics from the US Association for Energy Economics and also served as the organization’s President in 2020.

Jaffe’s current research focuses on energy and social justice in the United States, digital technology innovation and energy, the financial and energy security risks of climate change, and global energy geopolitics and security.

Ms. Jaffe has advised numerous organizations on climate risk strategy and scenarios analysis. She is frequently asked to testify on Capital Hill on matters related to US national security and US energy and climate change policy and has presented on climate change and energy to multiple governmental agencies such as the US National Intelligence Council, the European Central Bank, and numerous US state governments. She is a frequent contributor to the Aspen Institute Congressional program and the World Economic Forum where she most recently served on the Global Future Council on Net Zero Transition.

In Energy's Digital Future: Harnessing Innovation for American Resilience and National Security, Amy Myers Jaffe provides an expert look at the promises and challenges of the future of energy in a post-oil era, and argues the United States must embrace the digital revolution and foster American achievement. Energy’s Digital Future gives indispensable insight into the path the United States will need to pursue to ensure its lasting economic competitiveness and national security in a new energy age.

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The ‘electrification of everything’ gets talked about a lot these days. But it isn’t going to happen soon. Nor should we want it to.

As Amy Myers Jaffe points out, for one thing, it would place unnecessary limitations on other viable solutions to rising greenhouse-gas emissions. It also ignores existing technical, regulatory and strategic constraints on electrification. And some things just can't be electrified.

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Societe Generale Keynote 2022

Amy Myers Jaffe is a leading expert on global energy policy, sustainability, and geopolitical risk and author of several books. She is currently a Research Professor and Director of the Energy, Climate Justice and Sustainability Lab at New York University's School of Professional Studies (NYU SPS) and chair of the Women in Energy Initiative at Columbia University.

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Playing with Fire: Russia, Ukraine and the Geopolitics of Energy

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has rattled global energy markets. Disruptions to Europe’s gas supplies threaten to leave millions in the cold, and the attack on nuclear facilities has underscored the risks associated with dependence on that energy source. Will this latest crisis alter the map of energy geopolitics?

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